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Your personalized curriculum experience


At HOME EDUCATE VI, we offer a completely individualized instructional plan for your child. We do the planning, and you do the teaching. If your child is not performing well in school or if you need assistance with your homeschool curriculum, Home Educate VI can help. With purchase of a subscription package, you will have access to a variety of printed and online instructional resources, planning and consulting sessions, live classes (virtual), standardized and diagnostic assessments in key academic areas, academic reports, access to a grade boo-lesson planning-scheduling software, and a detailed weekly lesson plan and/or a schedule to give you the tools needed for academic success.


Online subscriptions and other resources will be part of a rigorous, dense, standards-based curriculum. Reading and literacy will be strongly supported. Parents will also be given suggestions for high-level learning activities that improve critical thinking skills.  All subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. At this time, all support is virtual only.

Programs, resources and subscriptions


HOME EDUCATE VI (HEVI) will ensure that your instructional plan fits your child's academic needs. To determine your child's academic strengths and where improvements are needed, we  begin with diagnostic assessments in reading and math. The Time4Learning online curriculum platform will be the core program with selected supplemental instructional programs to include Foundations A-Z, Headsprout, Studies Weekly, Scholastic News magazine, Book Pagez, Generation Genius (science), IXL, and KIWI Co kits. Supplemental resources for mathematics will be Spectrum math workbooks, enVision Math, printed and/or online, and ALEKS online math programs. It will be possible for supplemental materials to be bundled and substitute for a core curriculum subject, instead of using Time4Learning. 


Instructional Packages:

The Comprehensive HEVI Package: 

This package includes individualized lesson planning, scheduling, online subscriptions, supplemental resources, and consultation in all of the main subject areas (reading, language arts, math, social studies, and science). It is a combination of the individual packages described below, with Time4Learning as the core curriculum. Parents who subscribe to the Comprehensive HEVI Package will have daily access to Homeschool Minder scheduling, planning, and grade-reporting software. This package can be customized on request. Note: Science: KIWI Co kit and two virtual classes are not included in this package.


Science HEVI Package 

The programs used as a part of our HEVI Science Package are Time4Learning, Generation Genius, Studies Weekly, Science A to Z, and IXLTime4learning has a complete, stand-alone science program which is mostly online. Studies Weekly and Science A to Z have both printed and online options and are also complete, stand-alone curriculum programs. IXL is another component of your package and will be used for practice and assessment. Parents have a choice of either Time4Learning, Studies Weekly, or Science A to Z, supplemented with Generation Genius and IXL. Your package also includes a subscription to KIWI Co. and two virtual, live classes per month to correspond with the KIWI Co. science topic. Science HEVI Package includes cheat sheets, lesson plans, schedules, and two hours of consultations per week. Packages can also be customized by special request.

Math HEVI Package

The programs used as a part of our HEVI Math Package are Time4Learning, enVision Math, printed and/or online, or ALEKS online math programs. Supplemental resources include M.A.T.H Worksheets for Kids, and IXL. Parents will have to select either Time4Learning,  enVision Math/Savvas (online) or ALEKS online math programs. These programs are all  complete, stand-alone math curricula.  IXL is an excellent resource for practice and assessment. Other resources, both print and online, will also be a part of this package as supplements to concepts covered. Your package includes cheat sheets, lesson plans, schedules, and two hours of consultations each week. Packages can also be customized by special request.

Reading/Language Arts HEVI Package

The programs used as a part of our HEVI Reading/Language Arts Package are Time4Learning, Foundations A-Z, Headsprout (discontinues for 2024), M.A.T.H. Worksheets for Kids, and IXL. Time4Learning is a complete, stand-alone reading/language arts program which is mostly online. Foundations A-Z is an online program that differentiates instruction and assesses individual skills, based on the science of reading, while M.A.T.H. Worksheets for Kids creating a learning path for each child. IXL is another component of your package used for practice and assessment. Your package includes cheat sheets, lesson plans, schedules, and two hours of consultations each week. Packages can also be customized by special request.


Reading Intervention HEVI Package 

The Reading Intervention HEVI Package is for a parent who has a struggling reader. A combination of programs including Foundations A-Z, Headsprout (discontinues in 2024), and the Assess-Guide-Decide Framework (Jan Richardson), as well as IXL would be included in the package. Intervention and progress monitoring will be key components of the Reading Intervention HEVI Package, with data-driven instructions at the forefront. Also, a standardized and diagnostic assessments will monitor your child periodically, providing evidence that your child is closer to meeting grade level standards. Your package includes cheat sheets, lesson plans, schedules, and two hours of consultations each week. Packages can also be customized by special request.

Pandemic Pod Package (Virtual)------FOR TRADITIONAL SCHOOLS ONLY

Select our monthly HEVI Pandemic Package, where a group of up to five parents will have the option of accessing this package as a group. Virtual learning will be a great challenge, and Home Educate VI will work with you to make your virtual learning experiences with your children much more manageable. HEVI will assist you with organizing and assessing assignments, maneuvering the required software, setting up schedules, communicating with your children's teachers, and coaching.  Additionally, you will also have the option of small group live classes at a discounted rate.

Packages and Pricing

HOME EDUCATE VI will bill you $150 monthly for the Comprehensive HEVI Package.


The Science HEVI Package is $55 a month.


The Mathematics HEVI Package is $55 a month.

The Reading and Language Arts HEVI Package is $70 per month.

The Reading Intervention HEVI Package is $85 per month.

A $40 non-refundable application fee will also be required. We will accept, online payments, Pay Pal, or money orders. Details of the financial plan agreement can be found  on the enrollment form link above.






Pandemic Pods (Virtual)

The Pandemic HEVI Package is $250 per month, per group.



Consultation Packages

One-Time Consultation Package

Parents interested in a specific request for services like evaluation of their current instructional plan, advice on next steps for a child, recommendation of resources, assessments and analyses, virtual learning assistance, etc. may request consultation services for a one-time-fee at the rate of $50 per hour.

Monthly Consultation Package

This package is for parents who need much more than the One-Time Consultation Package. To receive consultation services monthly with weekly virtual conferences and check-ins during the week (email, phone, text), parents would have to make a one time purchase of $150 (three months of service) before they can access the $50 per month, monthly subscription plan. Thereafter, parents can pay $50 every month to continue services. Parents can choose to cancel this subscription at any time. 

HEVI Academic Support Packages

Blyden Curriculum Consulting, LLC has launched
HOME EDUCATE VI: ACADEMIC SUPPORT PACKETS program for the upcoming school year.Registration is ongoing!

We will be providing financial assistance for a limited number of parents who are homeschooling or parents who have struggling learners enrolled in a traditional school. The financial awards are for academic support services to include diagnostic assessment, progress monitoring, online and printed academic programs and curriculum, tutorial services, and professional curriculum consultation sessions with parents.

There is also support for learning pods or pandemic pods where six or less children and parents can come together to do learning activities like academic lessons, projects, presentations, field trips, and fine arts.

Parent can qualify by showing a copy of their government identification card, proof of being issued Section 8, a EDT (food stamp) card, or an official letter of proof of residency in a public housing the manager's office.


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