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             Math Level Up


Our Math Level Up virtual online program has certified, highly-qualified teachers ready to provide instruction in mathematics. Each grade level will meet for a total of three hours each week. Students will have access to two online math programs (IXL & ZearnMath) for practicing inside and outside the classroom.

The Math Level Up virtual program will use ZearnMath as its main curriculum. ZearnMath uses a digital platform for independent practice, which reinforces core concepts introduced in the core lesson. Our learning model will include engaging activities, immediate feedback, student collaboration, and differentiated support. Visual models and digital manipulatives will accompany all activities. A teacher-assistant will work with the teacher for 30 minutes each day.

Total enrollment for this program will be be 15 students per grade level group.

Grades 1-6


   Class Design

Day 1


Block 1/10 min./Fluency Fun activities will be used to review previous concepts, in preparation for upcoming lesson. This block is a way for teachers to do quick and informal assessment.

Block 2/15 min:/Word Problem  Students will be given a series of word problems related to a previous concept taught; they will work in independently and will then share their findings using a peer-discussion format. This block is also a launching activity for the new lesson.

Concept Exploration

Block 3/15 min:/Collaborative Concept Exploration In this block, the lesson will be presented using concrete examples (visual models and digital manipulatives). The teacher will model each problem presented; guided student discussion and collaboration will be used to teach the concept.

Block 4/15 min:/Independent Digital Lessons  Students will complete their assigned work independently on ZearnMath. This practice will reinforce the previous lesson in Block 3


Block 5/5 min:/Wrap-Up Teacher will conclude the lesson to see if students grasped the big idea of the lesson. The teacher will also discuss the independent work experience, An Exit Ticket, a form of formative assessment as well as other brief, informal assessments will be given.

Day 2

Block 1/40 min. The teacher will use the 40 minutes provided to complete and/or reteach Block 1, Block 2, and Block 3 of Day 1. The exact format will be used for the three blocks. New word problems and examples will be presented.

Block 2/20 min. This block will be used for small group instruction using break-out rooms. 

The teacher will differentiate instruction based on needs. Students will work on IXL as groups are called to the break-out sessions. The Exit Tickets will be reviewed during the break-out session. The teacher assistance will be present for this block.

Day 3

Block 1/30 min. Students will work on completing their independent practice on the Zearn platform.

Block 2/30 min. Students will work on IXL independently. During the time students are working independently, they will be taken to break-out rooms for small group instruction.



There will be a 12:30 pm EST and a 5:30 pm EST class for each grade level.

Classes will be set up as follows: 

The Grade 1/Grade 2 Class (Grade 2 children are below grade level)

The Grade 2/Grade 3 Class (Grade 3 children are below grade level)

The Grade 3/Grade 4 Class (Grade 4 children are below grade level)

The Grade 4/Grade 5 Class (Grade 5 children are below grade level)

Grade 5/Grade 6 Class (Grade 6 children are below grade level)

Request for alternate placements will be considered.


Cost: $25.00 Weekly/Bi-Weekly, Monthly------------------PayPal, Venmo, Invoice (all major credit cards)


Assessments and progress reports, to include ZearnMath and IXL, will be emailed to parents.

Classes will meet three times per week. Meeting days are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 12:30 pm Eastern. For homeschoolers who need a later session, we also will have classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 5:30 pm Eastern. Meeting times are tentative.


Get ready for Spring 2024! Registration is in progress.

Classes begin February 15, 2024/Tentative!!

Interested parents should sign up by clicking on the blue button. 

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