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About Us

Blyden Curriculum Consulting, LLC provides services to meet your educational needs. We take pride in designing the right curriculum for you. Services include personalized instructional plans, homeschool assistance packages, literacy program implementation, and consultations. There are also specialized programs and activities, online classes, camps, and field trips that will be offered various times throughout the year. 

We work with private schools, umbrella schools, co-ops to assist with curriculum implementation,  lesson planning, diagnostic assessments, and progress monitoring. We also work with organizations that need assistance with grant writing and RFPs.

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 Home Educate VI is one of the programs operating under Blyden Curriculum Consulting, LLC. This program provides academic support to parents who have a child in homeschool or parents of children enrolled in traditional schools. Here is where parents can request diagnostic assessments, sign up for online and printed academic subscription services, online classes, and tutorial services.  



1)     We consult with parents, answering their questions about the progress their child is making and offer suggestions on how the child could meet academic goals  using whatever curriculum the parent chooses to use. 


2)     We  “sell” academic curriculum packages, through a monthly subscription--printed or online.The combined online and printed subscriptions make up a complete curriculum. Parents are charged monthly. This saves the parent money on these resources. With this option, parents also receive consultation services. We do personalize some academic packages for some subjects areas.


3)     We provide an online reading and math diagnostic assessment package where we administer the assessments  review the results with parents, then offer suggestions for curriculum and instruction. 


4)     Tutorial sessions in reading and math for students who are behind grade level is also offered.  This is usually done for children who are not proficient in reading and/ or math. We implement a researched-based program.

5)     Another tutorial-type service involves working with parents  who have children in public schools (or private) who are enrolled in virtual learning because of the pandemic.


6) And finally, there is a learning pod, co-op or pandemic pod service that we provide. A group of parents can use Home Educate VI packages to guide and set up the curriculum their neighborhood co-op or pod created. The parents will split the total cost when paying for the service.

Sandra S. Price Blyden is the owner and CEO of Blyden Curriculum Consulting, LLC. She has been an educator in St. Thomas, United States , Virgin Islands for 30 years. In 1989, she graduated from Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education. In 2013,

Ms. Price Blyden completed a Masters of Science degree in Reading and Literacy from Walden University. Sixteen years into her teaching career, she became a literacy coach in charge of implementing  the evidence-based reading curriculum on the upper elementary level. Her school was also rewarded the Reading First grant, which was written by Ms. Price Blyden. Her duties as a literacy coach included doing demonstration lessons, offering professional development in literacy strategies, observing teachers, and preparing lessons and other resources. After 6 years as a literacy coach, Ms. Price Blyden returned to the classroom to continue her career in education. In the last three years of her educational career, she became one of the school's digital literacy teachers and moved into one of the school's  computer lab. Blyden Curriculum Consulting, LLC was officially launched in 2018. Ms. Price Blyden retired in August 2019, and continues to reside in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. With her  wealth of experience, educational background, dedication, and commitment, be assured that Blyden Curriculum Consulting, LLC will be the right choice for its clients.. 

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