Homeschool Level Up

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Our Homeschool Level Up virtual online program  for homeschool parents will allow for certified, highly-qualified teachers to provide instruction in core subject areas. Each class will meet for a total of three hours each week and will include an offline assignments component where students will be assisted as needed. 

The four Core Classes to be taught include reading & language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science. Total enrollment for this program will be be 10 students per grade level Homeschool Level Up will be enrolling grades 1 through grade 6.


There will be a textbook for each subject and  workbooks and other printed and online resources will be used. Studies Weekly is the textbook/magazine that will be adopted for science and social studies. Singapore Math will be adopted as our math program. For Reading/Language Arts, my View Literacy program, a guided reading lesson framework called Assess-Guide-Decide, and phonics instruction are resources that will be used. Other resources like IXL and Headspsrout will supplement the curriculum. Homeschoolminder website will be used for grades, schedules, and attendance

Classes will meet three-four times per week. Tentatively meeting days are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday


Tentative start date is late January 2021. 

Interested parents should sign up here